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Monday, November 21, 2011


The brand new iPhone 4S has had some new deals launched this week which now offer this latest white iPhone free of charge on the lowest monthly line rental charges since its release.

Up until now, consumers have had to pay out a minimum £41 per month in order to receive a free iPhone 4S 16GB but a UK independent retailer has just launched a new range of deals which further discount the overall price that consumers will pay for their new iPhone.

The cheapest of these latest iPhone 4S deals which offers a free phone is now available on the 3 Mobile network, the tariff is called '3 Mobile Text 900' and costs just £35 per month which equates to a massive saving of £144.00 over the 24 month contract period.

So what does the consumer get for their line rental charge each month aside from a free iPhone 4S in White?

This new iPhone 4S deal includes 900 minutes of calls which the customer can use to make calls at any time of the day or night and to any mobile network as well as landlines, also included 5000 text messages each month and a very generous 1GB of inclusive data.

This last aspect of the deal is an important one, the iPhone 4S relies heavily on an internet connection in order to update its applications, services such as rolling news reports and weather forecasts, social networking updates and general internet usage.

This means that whenever the consumer is away from a Wi-Fi hotspot the phone can log onto the internet via 3G and the user will not have to worry about running up a huge data bill with an allocated 1GB at their disposal, most internet activities do not eat up much data unless the user enjoys watching online videos such as those offered via YouTube.

This brand new deal for a free iPhone 4S is for the 16GB model only, both the 32GB and 64GB models cost significantly more with deals for a free phone costing far more line rental per month, it is understood that this same package is to be made available for both the black and white edition of the iPhone 4S shortly.

This is a bespoke deal that is not offered directly by the network itself, the only way for consumers to take advantage of the offer is to buy via the independent retailer e2save which is owned by The CPW Group.

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