Tpain's Clear iphone4s

Monday, November 21, 2011


The brand new iPhone 4S has had some new deals launched this week which now offer this latest white iPhone free of charge on the lowest monthly line rental charges since its release.

Up until now, consumers have had to pay out a minimum £41 per month in order to receive a free iPhone 4S 16GB but a UK independent retailer has just launched a new range of deals which further discount the overall price that consumers will pay for their new iPhone.

The cheapest of these latest iPhone 4S deals which offers a free phone is now available on the 3 Mobile network, the tariff is called '3 Mobile Text 900' and costs just £35 per month which equates to a massive saving of £144.00 over the 24 month contract period.

So what does the consumer get for their line rental charge each month aside from a free iPhone 4S in White?

This new iPhone 4S deal includes 900 minutes of calls which the customer can use to make calls at any time of the day or night and to any mobile network as well as landlines, also included 5000 text messages each month and a very generous 1GB of inclusive data.

This last aspect of the deal is an important one, the iPhone 4S relies heavily on an internet connection in order to update its applications, services such as rolling news reports and weather forecasts, social networking updates and general internet usage.

This means that whenever the consumer is away from a Wi-Fi hotspot the phone can log onto the internet via 3G and the user will not have to worry about running up a huge data bill with an allocated 1GB at their disposal, most internet activities do not eat up much data unless the user enjoys watching online videos such as those offered via YouTube.

This brand new deal for a free iPhone 4S is for the 16GB model only, both the 32GB and 64GB models cost significantly more with deals for a free phone costing far more line rental per month, it is understood that this same package is to be made available for both the black and white edition of the iPhone 4S shortly.

This is a bespoke deal that is not offered directly by the network itself, the only way for consumers to take advantage of the offer is to buy via the independent retailer e2save which is owned by The CPW Group.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Clear Iphone4s is real

Yes it is true such a phone exist . The iphone4s is real and now is being seen by millions of iphone fans all around the world. I first saw the phone like millions all around the wold in the Tpain video 5 o clock in the moring video. When i saw it i said i have to blog about this. I did my reaserch and found out that only apple is making the real true clear Iphone4s. This should come as no shock, but that won't stop fans from making there own. If you go to the end on this blog you will see what you need in an image to make your own clear iphone4s. This is happening all around the world, people are taking apart the iphone4s and placing it in a clear housing unit which make the phone appear transparent. I did some more reaserch and found that the phone was'nt forsale on ebay as of yet , maybe in he soon future. For now Iphone4s fans you can only watch tpain play with this 2012 toy . I watched the video several times just to see the phone in action. i will post the video below so you too can watch the video and see the phone as well .

How to delete mass data on your Iphone4s

There are a few circumstances in which you'll want to delete your iPhone4s data and settings, restoring the phone to its factory-new condition. These circumstances include when:
1. The phone is being sent for repairs and you don't want your personal data available to prying eyes
2. Your You're selling or giving the iPhone4s away( such a kind act lol)
3. phone is so messed up that it needs to be erased and set up again from scratch.
It's a drastic step, of course, because deleting all the music, apps, email, and settings from your phone--unless you backed it up, that is-–you won't get it back. Still, in situations like those described above, it can be necessary.
You can delete your iPhone4s either when your phone is synced or through onscreen commands. Whichever process you choose, always start by syncing your iphone4s to your computer, since this creates a backup of your data. With that, you'll be able to easily restore your data and settings to a new 4s. To delete your iPhone4s when it's synced, click the "Restore" button in the Version section of the iPhone4s management screen and follow the onscreen instructions.

This image shows what the menus should look like.
Once the sync is complete and your phone is backed up, you can disconnect it from your computer. When this is done, go to your phone's home screen and tap the Settings app (if you've arranged your apps or put them in folders, the Settings app may not be on your home screen. If not, locate it wherever you put it).
In the Settings app, tap General.
In General, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap Reset.
On the Reset screen, you'll have a number of options for deleting iPhone4s data and settings.
Reset All Settings - This deletes all of your preference settings, returning them to the defaults. It will not erase any of your data or apps.
Erase All Content and Settings - If you want to fully delete your iPhone4s, this is the option to choose. When you tap this, you'll not only erase all of your preferences, you'll also delete all music, movies, apps, and other data from your phone.
Reset Network Settings - To return your wireless network settings to their factory default states, tap this.
Reset Keyboard Dictionary - Want to remove all the custom words and spellings you've added to your phone's dictionary/spellchecker? Tap this option.
Reset Home Screen Layout - To undo all of the folders and app arrangements you may have created and return your iPhone's layout to its default state, tap this.
Reset Location Warnings - Each app that uses the Iphone’s gps to be location aware asks your permission to use your location. To reset all of those warnings to their default off state, select this.
Your iPhone4s will give you warning asking if you really want to delete your iPhone4s and giving you an estimate for how long the process will take. If you have changed your mind or accidentally gotten here, tap the "Cancel" button. If you're sure you want to go ahead, tap "Erase iPhone4s."
How long the deleting process takes will depend on what you chose in step 3. And even though the iPhone4s gives you an estimate for how long it will take in step 4, the deletion often goes faster.
Once you've deleted your iPhone4s, it will restart and you'll have an iPhone4s with either all new settings or a completely empty memory.
From here, you can do what you like with the iPhone4s:
Send the phone into apple for repairs. Take the phone in for repairs. Sell the phone for a happy buyer. If you must you can give it away . Your done enjoy your cleaned Iphone 4s.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

CaseCrown Apple iPhone 4 and 4S Slash Metallic

Technical Details

Specifically designed for iPhone 4 and 4S (AT&T, Sprint and Verizon compatible) for a perfect fit
Screen protector film included
Felt lined interior to protect iPhone from scratches
Side borders include ridges for easy and firm grip
Made of premium polycarbonate that's durable yet soft and smooth to the touch

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Iphone4s secerts, Siri , Upgrades

After you ripped your brand new iPhone4S from the delivery man's hands and tore into the packaging, you may have noticed the lack of instructions. But despite its uncanny intelligence and fool-proof interface, there are plenty of tweaks, tips and tricks that help to make your iPhone4S your own.

Get to Know Siri, and Let Siri Get to Know You

We'll start with the most exciting aspect of the iPhone4S its voice controlled personal assistant, Siri. This incredible aspect of the new iOS device removes the need for specific voice commands, and instead allows you to talk naturally to execute commands and perform functions through voice recognition.

Siri is just like any assistant, of course. If you don't tell it who your wifey, or sisters, or mom or dad are, how can it get in touch with them for you when you say, "Hey, Siri! Send my dad a message to let him know I'm on the way"? Open your Contacts app and edit the entries for your family members in turn. If this entry is for your wife, tap the "Add Field" button and select "Related People."

Enter yourself in the top field, select what relation the contact is using the label in the next field, and add that person from the address book. Siri now knows who your wife is, and will act on that information accordingly. But if you want to go Star Trek on the family tree process, hold down the Home button to activate Siri and say, "Jeri Ryan is my wife" instead.

Like all iPhones, the iPhone 4S sings and dances when you receive a new message. But with the introduction of iOS 5 you can also add a blinding light to your notifications, just in case you happen to have put the handset down for two seconds and aren't glued to its screen as you should be.

The camera flash on the back of the iPhone 4S is impressively bright, and can now be used to grab your attention as well as lighting up someone's face when you snap them. Launch the Settings app and tap the "General" button. Give the "Accessibility" button a tap, and the iPhone 4S's alert options are displayed.

Slide the "LED Flash for Alerts" switch to "On." Now, when you receive a text or another kind of alert-activating message, the LED will flash along with any other sound and vibration options you've switched on. A great alternative to a buzzing handset that's as noisy in silent mode as it is when bleeping.

Wi-Fi Sync
For such a well-connected device it has always been a matter of some confusion as to why Apple required you to hook the device up to your computer using a cable. The whole thing just seems so last century.

No longer, however. Your iPhone4S is capable of a wireless sync, allowing you to backup up the device with iTunes, copy new games and apps between the computer and device over the air, and to transfer any exciting new multimedia content you might have waiting for you in your iTunes account.

Before you can go wireless, you need to connect your iPhone 4S to the computer using its USB cable one more time. Click the entry for your iPhone4S in the "Devices" section of iTunes and open the "Summary" tab in the main iTunes window. Scroll down a little to the "Options" section and check the "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi" box.

Note that you'll need iTunes version 10.5 or later, and that Wi-Fi syncing is going to take its toll on your iPhone4S's battery -- especially if you've got lots of apps, videos and music to send back and forth.

Text Macros
It's actually very impressive how teenagers have developed their own written language that allows them to compress as much information into a 160 character SMS text message as possible. We're not all quite so fluent in text speak, however, so setting up your iPhone 4S to save you time on typing, yet spell out the words for old people to understand, is a great new feature.

These text macros allow you to enter your own abbreviations, which are then replaced by the full meaning when you type them into your iPhone 4S. For example, setting up "BTW" as a text macro will change the abbreviation into the full "by the way" whenever you type it into iMessages, or an email.

Set up your iPhone4S's text macros by opening the Settings application and tapping the "General" option, followed by "Keyboard." Scroll to the "Shortcuts" section and begin compiling a list of abbreviations and what they mean.

AirPlay Mirroring
The iPhone4S is a powerful device. Powerful enough to take on previous generation living room consoles, in fact. The only real difference between the games of the PlayStation2 and the iPhone4S is screen size. Or, at least, it was.

If you also happen to own an Apple TV unit, AirPlay Mirroring is just what you need to expand the handset's screen to TV proportions. This great feature of the latest iOS operating system is ready and setup on your iPhone 4S as soon as it comes out of the box, and doesn't even need a cable between the handset and the Apple TV.

Make sure your iPhone4S is on the same wireless network as the Apple TV unit, which it undoubtedly already is given that you're probably sat in your own living room. Launch the Settings app on the Apple TV, select the AirPlay option and flip the switch to On.

AirPlay has its own taskbar in the multitasking panel on your iPhone 4S, so double-click the Home button to reveal it. Slide the multitasking panel to the right, then slide it again past the iPod control to get to the AirPlay controls. Tap the "AirPlay" button and a list of compatible devices found on your network is displayed. Tap whichever one you want to mirror the iPhone4S's screen on, and the magic works itself. Full size iPhone gaming.

This is your weekly dose of what the iphone4s can do for you and yours.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Apple Care for Iphone4s


Extend your coverage to two years of service and expert telephone technical support
One stop for technical support

Because Apple designs the iPhone, iOS, and many applications, the iPhone is a truly integrated system. And only AppleCare+ provides one-stop service and support from Apple experts whether you use a Mac or a PC, so most issues can be resolved in a single call.

Direct access to Apple experts
Mail-in or carry-in repairs
Express replacement service
Use with a Mac or PC

Extended hardware coverage

AppleCare+ provides repair or replacement coverage, both parts and labor, from Apple-authorized technicians.

What’s covered
Your iPhone
Included earphones and accessories
Coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage,2 each subject to a $49 service fee

Extended technical support

With AppleCare+ for iPhone, Apple experts can help troubleshoot issues with your iPhone, Apple-branded iPhone applications, and interconnectivity between your iPhone and your Mac or PC.

iPhone support
Using iOS and iCloud
Questions about Apple-branded iPhone apps such as Mail, Safari, Calendar, Remote, and iTunes
Connecting to wireless networks