Tpain's Clear iphone4s

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Clear Iphone4s is real

Yes it is true such a phone exist . The iphone4s is real and now is being seen by millions of iphone fans all around the world. I first saw the phone like millions all around the wold in the Tpain video 5 o clock in the moring video. When i saw it i said i have to blog about this. I did my reaserch and found out that only apple is making the real true clear Iphone4s. This should come as no shock, but that won't stop fans from making there own. If you go to the end on this blog you will see what you need in an image to make your own clear iphone4s. This is happening all around the world, people are taking apart the iphone4s and placing it in a clear housing unit which make the phone appear transparent. I did some more reaserch and found that the phone was'nt forsale on ebay as of yet , maybe in he soon future. For now Iphone4s fans you can only watch tpain play with this 2012 toy . I watched the video several times just to see the phone in action. i will post the video below so you too can watch the video and see the phone as well .

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