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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Iphone 4s Get yours Free

We have all wanted to get are hands on a Iphone 4s. It is the most talked about phone in the world now a days. Apple has already started training employees to help clients with the worlds new toy. If your here you want to get one for free. Well you can click any Iphone pic you see on this blog to get one. I have gotten mine and i can tell you it puts the lighting bolt 4g to shame. This will be the only phone you will need for 2012. Well hit the link and get yours.

Other facts about the Iphone4s :
Iphone4s 10 New Features Expected in Apple IPhone4s

apple 1 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone4s- IPhone 4s might have 32GB model with the lowest memory option available
apple1 2. New Features Expected in Apple IPhone 4s -IPhone4s might support 4G-LiTE network while 3G networks will also be there in IPhone4s
apple1 3. New Features Expected in Apple IPhone4s -App is expected to add on tethering feature in new IPhone for internet
apple1 4. New Features Expected in Apple IPhone4s -It is expected that Apple iPhone will come with new iOS 5.0 introducing new features like multifinger touch etc
apple1 5. New Features Expected in Apple IPhone4s is expected to have a bigger screen with higher resolution HD or WXGA with the support of LTE network to provide you the best multimedia experience ever
apple1 6. New Features Expected in Apple IPhone4s- With these features many new apps for IPhone4S are expected to developed by developers to make it a better Mobile TV
apple1 7. New Features Expected in Apple IPhone4s- There is also a rumor about the camera of iPhone 5 which is said to be 8MP or higher for better photography experience
apple1 8. New Features Expected in Apple IPhone4s- As we can see in the market mobile devices have moved up in regards of memory and processors so IPhone4S might come with A5 chip with dual core processor at least 1.2 GHz, Powered up GPU and system memory
apple1 9 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 4s- New security and calling features are also likely to be added in new IPhone4S with the help of iOS 4s to compete with the other options in market

Technology development has been accelerated for past few years and market is full of various options, as all of us have already seen in CES 2011, That’s why no one is so sure about the features of upcoming iPhone but I don’t think Steve Job’s Apple is gonna give up because they are innovators and they might have new things in mind which we can’t even think about iPhone 5, So let’s dream on until iPhone 5 is released by Apple.
Wireless carrier Sprint is the third operator in the United States to have the Apple iPhone available for purchase on its airwaves, and it seems that it might be roughly a month until that happens.

The mobile phone carrier has announced its employees that they are not allowed to take vacations in the first half of October, as the company is readying the launch of a new device.

There's no specific reference to the release of the new iPhone flavor, but a leaked memo that informed employees on the move and which has just emerged on the web does mention a major release.

”Due to the possibility of a major phone launch in October we are blacking out September 30th through October 14th,” the said memo reads.

It is not unusual for wireless carriers to blackout employee vacations when releasing new, high-end devices, as they try to ensure than there will be enough staff in stores to accommodate a larger number of visitors.

Sprint has been long rumored to be getting the new iPhone model as well, and some of the latest tidbits on the matter even suggested that the company might be releasing the device in October, and the vacation blackout comes in line with these claims.

Recent reports pointed at the fact that Sprint “repeaters” were being installed at Apple stores, and that Best Buy was gearing up for the pre-order availability of IPhone4S starting with early October, also in line with the vacation blackout.
Sprint internal memo suggesting the iPhone might be launched in early October
Enlarge picture

Undoubtedly, many of Sprint's customers will rejoice learning that the iPhone will arrive on their carrier's airwaves so soon, after being available through another CDMA carrier in the country since early 2011, namely Verizon.

Rumor has it that the new iPhone model will arrive on shelves with support for global connectivity, but that it might not be the LTE device that Apple was expected to launch ever since Verizon and AT&T went official with their plans for 4G networks.

Verizon and AT&T vs. Sprint

Verizon and AT&T have a much different pricing structure, obviously. They make you break out the wallet for JUST about everything. They do have an unlimited plan for iPhone users too… unlimited voice. Not that exciting right? Well JUST for unlimited voice you’re at $69.99/ month. Then, in order to be considered a human being at all you need to add unlimited text messages – another $20.00/month. And finally, what’s the point of having an iPhone 5 if you don’t plan on listening to Pandora, watching Netflix, NFL Sunday Ticket, Watching YouTube Videos… and streaming video or music pretty much as often as possible. In order to do that you’ll most like end up with the 10GB plan which runs an additional $80.00/month.

So Sprint definitely takes the lead here with the iPhone 5!

One analyst, Peter Rhamey, from the Bank of Montreal was quoted saying “people don’t like bill shock,”"Consumers will pay a premium for unlimited.” And he’s 100% correct. Either you pay $149.99+ with AT&T or Verizon, or you go unlimited everything for $99.99 and you can have piece of mind knowing you won’t go over your 10MB in data and have to pay the .15/ KB there after.That is just crazy hah.

Good News Iphone4S users
Waiting for the IPhone4s? Then you might want to put Tuesday, October 4th in your diary. According to All Things D, this is the date Apple has scheduled for the new iPhone’s launch. The event, revealed to All Things D by “sources close to the situation,” will be presided over by Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook.

It makes sense. The rumors have long pegged a late September or early October date for the announcement of the IPhone4’s successor, and iOS 4s — which will doubtless come pre-installed on the new phone — is due in the fall, which starts right about now.

The news that Tim Cook will be headlining is slightly more surprising. Cook was always more of a behind-the-scenes executive, and some expected that he’d remain so as CEO, letting Steve Jobs’ long-time stage companion Phil Schiller or iOS chief Scott For stall become the public faces of Apple. If All Things D’s sources are correct, then it looks like Cook is set to fully embrace all of Jobs’ old roles at the company.

Still, we don’t have long to wait to find out. And if all goes well, the real star of the show will be the IPhone4S, whatever new goodies it brings. October 4th that is right around the corner so cross your fingers.

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